A mediumship session is for connecting with your loved ones on the other side. As the beautiful cycles of life continue and our loved one’s transition. We all need support and validation that our loved ones are still with us and they are okay.

Before this session think about your loved ones and how they interacted in your life. Set your intentions for the session, but also understand spirit may have different answers for you. Just know this is necessary at this point in your life.

Home Clearing

Did you just move into a new place, or have been feeling uneasy at your home or office. Home clearings purpose is to clear past energy and allow the new vibrant energy into your life.

Crystal Therapy

The earth was created as one big crystal, it has embedded powers to help heal the physical and spiritual. I use crystals created from the earth to help channel healing energy and answer important questions.

Angel Readings

Angels are here to support you in any way and to bring you the light and love of God. When you need unconditional love and healing, or you are seeking guidance in any aspect of your life, angels are here for support and love.

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