Comforting and Closure

When my husband went missing on an ocean dive I was so distraught and worried about the pain he might be experiencing and whether or not he was alive. I called Valene not realizing the gift she has. The things she told me helped comfort me and helped me realize he was in a better place now. She had a way of communicating his message that was peaceful and helped give me closure. I feel closer to Matt spiritually now and it has helped bring me peace in a very traumatic time.


Highly Recommended

I made a skype appointment with Valene and to my complete surprise, without telling her ahead of time my questions or concerns, she told me about a man that represents me with my work and described him physically in full detail. Valene gave me insight about this person. This information was given to Valene by her Angels. Every time I have a reading with Valene, I find lots of wisdom and truth in her readings. It takes me some time to digest her channeled information. I would highly recommend her for any healing and reading.

Tania Rose Alcala


“Valene’s reading was incredibly accurate! I was looking for some guidance in connection with my career choice. What my angels & guides were telling Valene didn’t make any sense to her, but for me, it was the confirmation I had been needing to hear! I would highly recommend having a reading with Valene!”

Mandi (Mermandi) Gabler
Intuitive teacher & facepainter,UK

Incredibly Accurate

Val’s reading was incredibly accurate, precise and clear. I received confirmation on many things I have been experiencing lately and healing from her words. I could feel Val’s angel spirit and love throughout the reading and the short meditation was very powerful. Val is pure of heart and very connected to Spirit. If you are in need of guidance, reassurance, connection or love, see Val for a reading. Your heart will soar and you will feel much peace, hope, and healing.


Beautiful Voice and Heart

Valene Has such a beautiful voice and heart. Her reading was truly divinely guided as all she said resonated with me and was truth. She had never met me and yet she was able to bring forth the information I so needed to hear to help me on my healing journey. Valene has a gift, but also a love and caring that in itself allows these messages to heal on many levels. Thank you Valene!

J. Tuchman

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reading and I’m grateful to beautiful angels also too. Your answers are like lightness my way. You gave me courage and strength to follow my goals, to follow God and angels, who guide and inspire my soul.
I wish you love and happiness. All the best. How beautiful and gentle of a person you are.

Reneja Renata

Very Accurate

This is the fourth reading/mediumship I got from Val and as always it was very accurate and deep. My mom died last year and I had lots of questions, a quite difficult energetic situation with a flat and the need to talk to both of my parents (both already on the other side). With Val’s help, I could not only get the contact and the answers I needed but together with the higher powers an instant bettering of the energetic situation. I highly recommend Val for readings and mediumship as she not only channels information very clearly but also is a very sensitive person who is able to meet you in emotional difficult times with warmth and understanding.


Clear Answers

I’ve had my first reading with Valene and one of the questions I had asked was quite complicated and I hadn’t got a clear answer from anyone who had done a reading about that before. Valene is clearly communicating with the angels. Her voice is soothing and sweet and she passed the messages spot on in a very gentle way. She offers healing along with the reading, which is very important because if you’re going to be “diagnosed” with something, you sure want the healing too! I loved the meditation she and the angels gave me and I’m very happy I have chosen her to do my reading. I highly recommend Valene for any kind of reading or healing you might need. Just do it and you will be so grateful about your choice!

Katerina Solomou

In the Midst of Tragedy

On April 30, 2013, I received a phone call from the medical examiner’s office of another state where my son was on temporary assignment. The message told me to call my daughter. The minute I heard it I knew my son was dead. But I hoped this was a joke. I called my daughter hoping to hear this was a mistake. She was hysterical and crying. I was miles away in a hotel room on a business trip. I screamed at her, don’t tell me, don’t tell me. My husband was on an oversees business trip. At that moment our lives as we knew it ended. We were all broken. How we made it through traveling to the medical examiner’s office to see him, making arrangements to transport him is a mystery. Valene came to our life in the midst of our tragedy. She contacted our son and passed his messages to us which said this was his time to go and it is OK. I wanted to meet her. I was desperate for any contact. This was so unexpected, so unthinkable. I traveled with my husband and daughter from the East Coast to California to meet her. Valene did a reading for me. My son came to her and she received his messages and passed them to me. I am truly grateful to her for the messages she passed to me from my son which gave me the strength to begin my grief journey, to express my gratitude to God for entrusting me with my son and for all the years of limitless love and joy I shared with him. Her reading reaffirmed my conviction that life continues beyond our earthly life and I am looking forward to and praying to God to join my son again in the afterlife. Valene gave me a recording of the reading. The process of grief is hard and unpredictable. Whenever I feel the need to I listen to the reading to recharge my strength. I thank God for bringing us together with Valene when we needed to, she is a very generous and loving soul.


So Thankful

“Valene’s gift of communication with the other side has helped me tremendously after the loss of my husband. On top of being a genuine, kind, and true hearted person she can articulate her messages so perfectly. I’ve received beautiful healing songs that helped me cope, especially during the first year when music was my only escape. When I have felt unsure or alone the validations I have received have been spot on and helpful. I really don’t know how I would have handled his loss without Val’s help. I am so thankful and appreciative beyond words for her gift and making the unbearable a healing journey.”

Amanda L.

I didn’t know what to expect…I was blown away

“I didn’t know what to expect when Valene started the Crystal Therapy Session.  I was blown away!   I knew that there would be rocks, and that I would get to relax while Val did her thing! I had no idea that when it was all over I would feel like a very heavy weight had been lifted.  The experience lifted me from a place of fear to a place of love.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?”

M. Emery

Very Caring

Valene has been a God sent to me she has performed Reiki on several occasions and I have felt so much better, calmer a clearer understanding of my path. Valene has told me things about myself that I didn’t share with her. I will always seek Valene help. Valene is very caring, listens to you without judgment, she always gives support during and after the reiki session and is always available when I need her.

Clearwater, FL - V.M.

Accurate Reading

I received a reading from Valene and was very delighted with her abilities to tap in and do an accurate reading. I appreciated the personal approach of hearing her give me my reading. As I was listening chills raced through me, which was just double reassurance of again her perception and gifts. After the reading I had a few questions to clarify, I emailed her and received an enlightening response. Her personability and gifts are a wonder to behold. I would give her abilities an 11/10 and recommend her any day! Blessings <3

Gwen Hardy

Very Emotional and Healing

After my son was killed in a car accident Valene had done a reading for my wife several months ago. At that time she conveyed messages from our son and we learned that he did not suffer and transitioned to his afterlife. When I lost my son so suddenly at the age 31 I desperately needed to know that he did not suffer, where he is and how he is. However, I was skeptical and I had decided not to participate to the session Valene had with my wife. Subsequently, I listened to the recording of the reading. Over several months as I listened to the reading repeatedly I wanted to see Valene as well. She graciously agreed to do a reading for me during which she received messages from my father and my son. My father helped my son transition to his afterlife. They both indicated their love for me and acknowledged my love for them. The reading was very emotional and healing for me. I am grateful for Valene’s special gift.

Erhan Atay, PE