My Angel Journey

This is my inaugural Angel Compass Blog, “Hark, the herald angels sing… Glory to…” oh never mind. I must say I have been feeling anxious about my blogging journey because somewhere in the back of my mind I see my Language Arts teachers/professors and their red pen examining my spelling and grammar. Thanks, Spirit, for spell check and the casual freedom blogging, gives for me to write however the heck I want.  I do want to keep you reading so as I was saying … I am feeling anxious, but I know I have to start somewhere with my ‘Angel Blogging Journey’ and I guess that’s now. So let me shed some light on how a bold, little Native girl from Alaska came to find Spirit & Angels. *Throwing off the ties and away we go.*

My first angel experiences
Getting right to it, I had my first experience with the angels with my baby sister, Jilane. I was about 17 years old and I went with my high school friends to see the movie, “What Dreams May Come” (great movie, highly recommend). When I came home from the theater that evening I cried over her as she slept. I had a knowing that she was going to be departing this world soon to a beautiful place. A place where she would be free of all her medical conditions, any pain she endured and I knew would miss her greatly. She passed a couple months later at the exact age of 7 1/2 years old. It was the first time I had been brought to my knees. Literally, as the police officers and paramedics told me the news, my knees physically gave out and I fell to the ground. That night I fell asleep, and it was so nice to escape the thought of her being gone. I woke up and it felt as if she died all over again because I remembered, I remembered that she was no longer in the room next door. I clung to her blanket that smelled like her and begged God to let me go back to sleep so I could release the pain and thought of her death. Then my miracle occurred. I felt an instant sensation of warmth and comfort radiate from my heart then throughout my entire body. I no longer felt the pain of heartache and I gently drifted back to sleep. I called that sensation an, “Angel Hug”. It was pure, it was warmth, it was love and it was all consuming. If I ever imagined God and how God would treat me, that would have been it. This experience was my first memorable notion that there maybe be more to life beyond this physical world. The second experience occurred eleven years later.

This second experience cemented my belief in Spirit and opened my heart and mind to my true life purpose and calling. In 2010, I had a miscarriage, and in the process of this miscarriage, I didn’t know I miscarried until the doctor’s appointment. I kept hearing this little voice in my head saying it will be okay, but I thought it was reassurance that all will be okay and so will baby. Then I began having dreams that I miscarried and I didn’t want to believe them, so I just chalked them up to hormones and emotions. After the doctor’s news and the initial grief wore away I began searching for answers of the spiritual nature. I had questions hemorrhaging from my heart, “Why? How could this happen? Did my baby feel pain? Was it all my fault, did I cause this in some way? Would the grief ever heal? Why don’t people want to talk to me about our loss?” This was my rabbit hole and I fell way, way down it seemed but in reality, I was awakening and ascending in consciousness. I found my truth, the meaning of my life and experienced miraculous healing for aspects of my life that never occurred to me would ever be healed. This miraculous healing I received was for chronic urinary tract/kidney infections that I had learned to live with since I was a child. Amazingly after years of my urologist trying to understand why this was happening was cured spontaneously. It was my miracle. If you notice there was a trend here, miscarriage and UTI/kidney infections all in my sacral chakra energy center. Sacral chakra is our “emotional center” and located in the area near our belly button. (Click here for the chakra chart at bottom of the page.) This is the seat of our emotional processing and creativity. Our body has an energy field around it similar to the earth’s energy field. When you are out of balance in your energy field it will manifest on the physical level. This is how you get the message okay, there is something that needs to be acknowledged, processed and healed. For me, coming to terms with childhood abuse and realizing that I am a spiritual being having a physical experience, not the other way around was my key to my miraculous healing. I had to get on my spiritual path so I could be the spiritual parent my baby was going to need before he came through. This was my unique experience and this healing experience will be special for each person’s healing journey.

These trying times blending with my angelic experiences and miraculous healings polish me into the shiny gem I always was, but I could never see for myself. Once I awoke to the power and God within, I knew God had more in store for me. Sure enough, my spiritual gifts began pouring in all at once. I would have a knowing about people before they ever uttered a word to me, especially when it comes to their life purpose. People’s loved ones who had passed away or “graduated” as Spirit refers to them, would come to me and tell me their story. These spirits would let me feel their passing and somehow bring my path to cross with their loved ones so they could deliver their messages of love and validations from the other side. I would see the spirit energy of a person’s loved ones and their angels physically around that person. The person’s space around their body would be lighting up like a Christmas tree and I am trying to hold a “regular” conversation with them, but Spirit would be overriding all communication. It was quite a trip and a bit overwhelming. I quickly learned boundaries and discernment, which is very important here in the physical and in Spiritual realm too. Especially if you want to get any sleep at night because departed loves, angels, star beings etc. love to converse with you when you sleep. Have you ever woke up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and can’t go back to sleep? You are feeling energies of those around you and it’s easy for them to be received while sleeping because your ego and its false beliefs are fast asleep and it’s easy for them to talk to your true self, your spirit.

If this sounds familiar or you have questions please feel free to contact me I look forward to hearing from you. The time is now to recieve all the love and light you deserve.