Valene P.

Sweet!!! Welcome to the Angel Compass experience. SPIRIT, Angels, Mediumship, Starseeds, Crystals, Energy, all is game here!!!  This is what Angel Compass represents.

Our goal: We are a resource for those brave and fabulous peeps “just starting to dip their toe into the spiritual waters”, as well as, for the trailblazers and amazing “active and practicing spiritual intuitives!” This world needs your light and unique experiences that only you can bring to our world. We will absolutely expand and build upon your valuable spiritual experiences and bridge your connection with Spirit.

Get in where you fit in, right?

Because for years I always felt so dang restless and out of place. When I began awakening to my spiritual self I realized the movie Matrix might really be on to something. *playing Twilight Zone Theme Song*

This might sound familiar, I began gobbling up the spiritual info buffet featuring: Angels, the otherside, past lives, starbeings and mediation etc., you name it I was all about it!

In this process I kept trying see where I fit in, “ummm here maybe, oh yeah this looks like me, ummm wait no this is definitely me.” Because I was having all these crazy spiritual experiences and I needed answers.

Then I would hear all the great spiritual teachers of past & present echoing in my mind, “All the answers are within.” OOooOOOhmmmm. **Spoiler Alert** It really is true, the answers all lie within. Our internal compass, our heart, always knows the way, via out connection to Spirit and the otherside. The support and guidance of like-minded friends and spiritual teachers feeds our soul and anchors us in our own personal truth.

Here at Angel Compass we are a community, and whether you are ready to connect with the otherside or you have been seeing spirits or angels since you were in diapers or just started your spiritual awakening at 20, 30, 40, 50 years of age (you get the idea). We are here to see you through the process and offer support and loving guidance where ever you maybe on your soul’s journey.  YEAH! Is this great or what?! We love sharing this connection with you, and are truly touched to share this space with you & Spirit! Happy Connecting!

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Blessings & Angel Hugs, xoxo

Valene Peratrovich
Owner of Angel Compass

My philosophy

I identify with flowers and their beginnings. We all have those “rough” or “down in-the-dirt” moments that show us what we are made of. These moments provide a “North Star” for our heart’s compass and help direct us to our life’s purpose. I have had many trials and tribulations in my life, it has been unbearable at times. During my lowest times, I received my most profound gifts from Spirit.  Just like a flower that grows and thrives from the fertile soil of the earth reaching for the sun. The flower instinctively grows in the darkness, but when the sun rises they reach for the light. They take everything within them and around them with no excuses to become a fragrant love of God’s own creation.